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What's in a name?  It's time to feel gorgeous...
All of my beautiful satin and nylon ruffled frilly knickers are lovingly handmade in the UK and are worn by aficionados and collectors worldwide.  Available in a wide range of sizes, my lovely panties are shipped discretely and securely.  Don't forget - UK shipping is free!
Why would you wear frilly knickers?   Well, sometimes it is just nice to wear something extra specially pretty and frilly just for the sake of it!  There is something really nice about feeling special while wearing these gorgeously ruffled panties, with pure silky soft nylon or satin against your skin.  
Of course, you probably wouldn't wear frilly ruffled knickers under tight clothing, but I often wear them under my more flowing, full dresses and skirts and - honestly - their outline is nicely hidden, especially if you wear them with a slip for sheer retro vintage indulgence.
Why not match these perfectly pretty frou-frou frilly panties with a gorgeous bra, bralette, or even a silky camisole for that added touch of indulgence.  Pair them with a matching white lacy corset, or maybe a sweet lacy suspender belt, like I did, for that deliciously feminine feeling.  Frilly lace panties under a full skirt is your special secret of cascading frills beneath, be it just a couple of rows of ruffle, or fully frilly.
Sheer diaphanous nylon, or shiny glossy satin, these delicately fancy panties with fine filigree lace would look fabulous under a flowing satin gown for that sexy 1950's pinup look.
What knickers should I wear?  How to buy frilly knickers. 
Where can I buy frilly knickers?
Frilly Tennis Knickers were originally designed to preserve the modesty of female tennis players while bending in a short dress, usually with layers of frills on the back.  Who first wore frilly knickers at Wimbledon?  The American tennis player Gussie Moran first wore what we would know as frilly tennis knickers at Wimbledon in 1949.  Gussie's frilly knickers caused quite a stir at first but soon the idea caught on and for quite some time afterwards ruffled tennis knickers were regularly seen on tennis courts.
Rhumba panties.  Which knickers to wear for rhumba dancing?  Rhumba originated in Cuba but has its roots in African and Spanish culture.  Like tennis knickers, Rhumba (or Rumba) panties originally had frills just on the back, but as the fashion for these pretty panties grew, more lacy layers were added to the front and back.  Many of the frilly ruffled panties you'll find for sale online are described as 'Rhumba' but were never actually intended to be worn for Rumba dancing.  It is a more generally used term.
In the early part of the 19th century CanCan knickers, or Can-Can knickers, were associated with the high-kicking skirt-raising risque dancing that was popular in Paris at the time.  The original Can Can knickers were originally crotchless, which was considered disreputable, as you can imagine.  Later, the ladies wore more toned-down knickers covered in frills and lace, and much more familiar as the ruffled knickers we know today.
Square dancing, the American folk dance, has it's own version of ruffled panties, as did the later Swing or Jive dancing of the 1940's and 50's.
Over the years, all these types of frilly panties have blended into one to become the fabulously flouncy frilly knickers we know today.  It is fun to know the background to these pretty knickers but all that really matters is that these gorgeous creations are available for us to wear today.
Where can I buy frilly panties and knickers?   Available in either satin or nylon, my frilly knickers can be bought online at Nylon Nostalgia via - UK orders have free delivery and at low cost to everywhere else.  What's not to love?!

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